About John

about john1400Hi, I'm  John Limpus and I own and run GJ's Guitars.

I began my guitar playing 'career' with a black fender Statocaster 1956. I remember my parents giving to me for my birthday in my early years of playing guitar... rock on!!!!!

I then moved on to Danny Gatton telecaster I joined my first band called The Apprenticeship .This band finished not long after it was started ... i recruited some of the players form the band fixed wheel group...which is still plays today ... with the same members including my partner Sara.... you can catch us almost anywhere playing these days as we still love performing as much as we did when we started ....

The fiery passion for quality guitars is still ablaze and I have became a collector as well as a player without realising it ! Lovely acoustic guitars and electric guitars that have sat alongside me for many years. I still use both to play in public. I have moved on from my first guitars now as after a decade of playing they kind of wore out !!!!!!... I now play an active fender statocaster which is very much part of my love for guitars....

I now offer everyone my knowledge of guitar playing,repairs, restorations, upgrades and sales services of john of GJ Guitars.

rocking ...



Contact Details

GJs Rock School ,
13b The Juggs ,
West Chiltington ,
West Sussex,
RH20 2JT
Telephone: 07786 566 231
Email: john@gjsguitars.co.uk

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8am-10pm
  • Saturday 8am-6pm
  • Sunday 10am-12pm