Guitar Repairs

guitar repairs

At GJ's Guitars we offer a full and professional repair service.

Restorations, repairs, set-ups, upgrades and adjustments to all kinds of guitar are undertaken on the premises by experienced luthiers.

We offer expert advice and service, making your guitar sound and play like a dream.

We now offer a strobe set up. We fully set your guitar up to our usual high standard. With the use of strobe technology, your guitar will have perfect intonation and pitch, making your guitar sing.......

Please contact us for our reasonable prices

Set-up We can make all the necessary adjustments to ensure your guitar will play the best that it can
Fret Dress Reshape and reprofile frets to their unworn state
Re-fret We use only the best quality American HARD fret wire in all our work. Re-fretting will restore your guitar to its prvious glory !
Pick-up Fitting Pick-ups are available to buy at additional cost from GJ’s Guitars.
Re-String There’s nothing like the brightness and twang of a new set of strings to improve your sound and sustain. Most professionals change their strings every gig, while some brands of string can last for as long as six months of not-too-frequent playing..
Refinishing We can do spot repairs or a full refinish to restore your instrument to prime condition
Amplifier Repairs now offers FULL amplifier service – Valve or Solid State. Repairs, Servicing, Customising and Upgrades all welcome!
Pedal boards Once you’ve been bitten by the effects bug, you’ll need to manage your pedals properly to avoid a weak tone, a spaghetti junction of wires and an overflowing gigbag. Make like the pros with this step-by-step video guide. First, you’ll learn the correct order to hook up your stompboxes also known as the signal chain – to give yourself the strongest possible tone. Next, we’re looking at pedalboards the industry-standard method for keeping a set of stompboxes neat, tidy and organised. Here we offer all the tips you need to get your stage in order, including advice on different pedalboard formats, how to secure your stompers using velcro/ties, choosing the right linking cables, and powering your entire effects setup with a single AC adaptor.