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Whatever your hopes for your child’s final years of study at school, GCSE music is a wise choice. If they have a passion for a subject, they’re much more likely to enjoy their study and be motivated to revise and practise. Yet there are so many other reasons why they’ll benefit from studying music. GJ offers a full on line lesson experience in a class room environment to offer support to a fantastic music course

GCSE music involves written, analytical, practical and social/personal skills such as:

  • independent learning: having to be disciplined about practising on their instrument or voice.
  • team working: particularly if they’re involved in weekly groups or ensembles, concerts and performances.
  • performance and presentation skills which are useful for any job/career.
  • listening: this is highly developed in musicians and it is an important part of the course.
  • analytical and essay-writing skills.
  • confidence and self-esteem: which has a knock-on effect in all areas of life and learning.
  • creativity and self-expression: helping young people to think differently and harness the power of their imagination.



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